Please email or call Anuj at 9801151533 / Aashish at 9808594623.

Registration and Payment

Participants in Kathmandu Valley have to visit one of the race registration spots and pay in full.

Last day to register and pay is , after which flat late fees of Rs. 2,000 (regardless of age, gender and distance) will be applicable, to be paid on race day.

If you feel you can’t make time to register by deadline, we suggest you look into getting a Season Pass.

If you miss the deadline, the late entry fee will be Rs. 2,000 to be paid on race day. We cannot make exceptions. We’ve been lenient so far, but the number of late entries is just increasing by the month, and has caused the point system to break.

We strongly suggest you look into Season Pass A or (recommended) B, to sort this out. Pay for remaining races, and never worry about missing the deadline.

Please call us at 9801151533/9808594623 (or email us at if you wish to defer your participation in the race you have signed up for.

The payment is non-transferable and non-refundable. However, you may defer your participation for the immediate next edition of the series for 25% additional charge. The payment will be non-refundable if you cannot make it to the next race and it is non-transferable to further races.

Though you can sign up as a team, timing will be taken individually for ranking and prizes. Individual members may go to one of the registration spots to register, or you may contact us to register as a group. Our team member will come to you with the registration form and for liability form/payment. Members will have to sign individual waiver forms.

You can call us at 9801151533/9808594623 (or email us at with this issue. For genuine cases (participants outside the valley), we can make an alternative provision for registration. This will be done on a case-by-case basis.

Race Eligibility and Preparation

The race is designed for newcomers, beginners and experienced runners alike. We can to help the running community grow – the raison d’etre of this race. There are non-competitive practice runs that take place almost every weekend, so even if you’ve never run or raced before, you are more than welcome to join these group runs. Or just show up at the race. The cut-off time is generous, and even if you brisk walk the whole way, you’ll be done in a few hours.

Yes, but a waiver/consent form needs to be signed by a legal guardian. We crosscheck this information. There is student discount for participants between classes 1 to 12 (who have not yet appeared for final exams of grade 12.) A valid student ID needs to be presented. Children below the age of 11 need to be accompanied by a guardian throughout the race.

Don’t worry, when you need to know, we will let you know. Some things you can be certain you’ll want/need is a good ruck, something you can be comfortable carrying for at least 4 hours. The race is self-supported – which means you’ll need to carry water, electrolytes and other hydration sources/diet with you on the trails. There may be opportunities to refill at on course water stations, but do not rely on this to be the case.

Please consult with your doctor before signing up for the race. Do let the organizers know of your medical condition and requirements beforehand. Do not push yourself and participate only if you are physically and mentally ready.

On Race Day

Yes, we have designated photographers and videographers covering the race. Photos will be uploaded on the website and KTM Trail Race Series’ Facebook page.

Yes, each photo goes for Rs. 300. If you buy a bulk of 4, you pay Rs. 1,000.

Send us via email link to photos you’d like to purchase, and we’ll send you high res.

Yes. We have provision to keep your bags. However, we do not take responsibility for loss or theft. A good idea on running races is to pack light and bring only those things you need while running.

Please inform an race organizer or a volunteer know immediately. They will note down your bib number and you may head home. Our team will be at the finishline until all runners have been tallied and accounted for.

You will be required to fuel yourself, trail events are partly self-supported, meaning you feed and hydrate yourself with no outside assistance. Bring enough food to endure the event. We provide recovery food at the finish. However, you should let the organizers know if you are allergic to any food.

Rain or shine, the race is on. Be more cautious on wet trails, and do be prepared with proper rain gear. Bring a zip lock or a plastic bag to keep all your belongings safe and dry.

Some parts of the trails go along the woods, so while there certainly are animals lurking in the jungles, there is very less likelihood that they will come out in broad daylight, especially when hundreds of people are running on the trail! That said, do stay alert and be prepared.


Yes. This is a great opportunity to get brand exposure for you. please see Sponsorship Opportunity page and contact us if you’re interested in sponsoring the event. There are several schemes available.